Surface design is our new venture. Here we present our art inspired creations of textile patterns and designs for the home and apparel industry. We have taken these designs to the Premiere Vision, Paris in September 2017.


In this category our expert offerings include print and publishing, branding and collaterals, websites and interaction design, motion graphics and promotional films.

work in progress

Draw Strings

We are having fun illustrating and designing a graphic book about the revival of local forms of puppetry in West Bengal. This is one in a series of graphic books aimed at popularising the exotic and yet dying performing arts of the country.

Work in Progress

Stencilling our type

While working on our logo, we started experimenting with almost the entire set of Latin glyphs to make our own new typeface. Here is a glimpse of that work in progress.


Painting to Pattern

The inspiration of our line of prints and patterns spring forth from higher altitudes of art. This is a sneak peak of one such process.