for development

We have a long experience in designing for development projects initiated both by government and non-governmental organisations. In many such projects we employ need based, socially and psychologically inclusive processes to design and develop a variety of tools, strategically planned for a holistic outcome.


We specialise in building narratives around brands and designing communication. Our expert offerings include branding and collaterals, websites and interaction design, motion graphics, promotional films and print and publishing.

Design for Development

Branding for Change

Over the last few years we have enjoyed and cherished using design and creative thinking for developmental work. Click below to view one such brand work we did last year.

Fresh Off the Press

Shifting Sands

Sandra D’Souza’s, Shifting Sands, a photo book, is a peek into the myriad moods of the Arabian Sea, its white sandy beaches and the fishermen who inhabit its shores. It has been an exciting time curating and designing the book.

Design for Development

Patachitra Workshops

Our technical and design development workshop with ‘Patachitra’ was aimed at developing designs for lifestyle products with use of  indigenous motifs of the art through processes of repetition, enlargement, reduction, colour blocking. A lot of experimenting was done keeping the narrative feature of  ‘Patachitra’ in mind, so concepts were put into written rhymes and drawings.

Design for Development

Weaving Narrative

Steering the narrative of these natural fibre weaves from traditional mats towards more elaborately constructed products adhering to global aesthetics.