Name of Client: Banglanatak Dot Com

Banglanatak Dot Com is a social enterprise working across India to foster inclusive and sustainable development using
culture-based approaches. Through years of projects and campaigns, they had gathered a huge database of the vibrant folk traditions that spanned the length and breadth of the entire country. All this information needed to be coherently presented in a user friendly manner.

After the initial meetings and brainstorming sessions, we realised that only a website could be the most efficient medium to put together all this information while making it interactive and visually rich. This website is now

We designed the site in a way that the map of India would form the basic backbone of the entire website. The user could easily return to the flat simplicity of the landing page to get their bearing straight in the navigational maze of the site. Each folk form would have a basic description, details of its history, its current status and also the contact details of the practicing artist.

The site is still work in progress and details are being continuously updated.