Name of Client: Goa Green Pvt. Ltd.

Goa Green is symbolic of Nicole and Charlie’s mutual love for the land they love and live in. Their Goa isn’t just surf, sun and sand. The Goa they present to their clients is the land where they have grown up, along its rivers, snaking towards the deep blue sea, around its hills, meadows on top of hills, hills rolling on to forts, forts cliff-hanging on golden beaches. The people they have grown up around, the fishermen, the toddy tappers, the planters,the priests… people with a smile on their faces and warmth in their hearts.

Charlie’s first requirement was just a redesign of an existing old style website goagreen.com. But, as we began our research we realised that Goa Green also needed a company identity that they could comfortably settle down, be proud of and also use for their various tourism activities in Goa and across the country. The same identity style sheet would drive the design of the website and other communication they need. Once we went deeper into the project we took on the responsibility of doing the photography as well as writing the content for the site.

The iconic ‘gliding malabar frog’ inspired our logo and came to be symbolic of the core tourism offerings of Goa Green all along the Malabar Coast. It stood for the hills, forests and waterfalls that enchanted the land away from the beaches. It also championed reviving the population of the almost extinct malabar frog and its verdant home in the hills of the Western Ghats under the pressure of mining giants and a greedy economy.