Name of Client: UNESCO, Govt of West Bengal

Department of MSME&T (Government of West Bengal) and UNESCO, New Delhi, collaborated to develop 10 rural craft hubs in the state. This was a sustainable development project aimed at developing a vibrant craft sector by converting the traditional craft skills of West Bengal into viable enterprise, thereby ensuring socio-economic inclusion of the rural poor.

A communication campaign was designed for the promotion of all the participating crafts. The website was supposed to become an interactive database of all the 10 crafts involved, that would not just inform the rest of the world about the rich cultural heritage of the state, it would also build a link between the government and the crafts community. We designed the website around the 11 hubs and 10 crafts and used the map of West Bengal as a tool to navigate around the site. The site also has a highly interactive gallery that shows off all the regular products, as well as the products being developed for the evolving global market place.

Apart from the website, we developed a set of 10 booklets telling the story of each craft, rich with information graphics and rare visuals from the field along with identity marks for each of the craft co-operatives participating in the project. These books were also supplemented with product catalogues.

Mad Earth Design also had the opportunity to design products and develop processes around the wooden masks of South Dinajpur and the sital pati of Kochbehar. Under the experienced guidance and direction of the Rima, we lived and worked with the artisans to evolve better practices and processes around the making of the products at both places.